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Dice el dicho‘año de nieves, año de bienes’

El paso del temporal Filomena nos ha dejado unas preciosas postales de la bodega. Compartimos con vosotros algunas fotografías.

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Unknown member
Jul 13, 2021

In a reversal of last month game, the Phoenix Suns lambasted the San Antonio Spurs on Saturday afternoon, 140-103. The Spurs were resting seven different players, including most of their starting lineup, while the Suns were missing Deandre Ayton (sore knee) and Cameron Johnson (sore wrist). With the win, the Suns now have 50 wins in a season for the first time since 2010 even better than their cinderella-at-the-ball-but-if-the-glass-slipper-broke-on-the-stairs with a game to go in a shortened 72-game season The Spurs drop to 33-38 on the season, their second straight losing year and the first two losing years in almost two and a half decades. Boo hoo. Gregg Popovich didn even coach this one because he at th…

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