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Galena's name  

The name Galena comes from the subsoil with poor nutrients in the winery area, which is characterized by its richness in minerals and low nitrogen content. Galena is the main mineral obtained from the historical mines of Priorat.

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The soil is the distinctive element of the region. With low productivity and volcanic formation, it consists of slate stone, known locally as "licorella", which gives the mineral trait to the wines, which can be sensed in the center or at the end of the palate.

Our Soils

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The licorella is a dense rock formed from clay and sedimentary rocks. The llicorella soil is one of the most important characteristics attributed to the Priorat wines.

Terra Alta

The fossil dune of the quarter of compact sandy character is known as Panal . Their common denominator is their wealth in limestone and they are poor in organic matter.


The diversity of the soils, the arrangement of the vineyards and the influence of the sea winds, are distinctive features of the D.O. Montsant, which make up its identity and uniqueness.

Plantas y hojas



Working on social and environmental responsibility is protecting the land, the fertilization and the landscape of Priorat, it's past, it's present and it's future. It means preserving and improving the territory and the lives of its inhabitants. Art is a link with the soil.

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