The spirit of a legacy  

The lands on which our vines are grown belonged to the Carthusian monks of Scaladei in the Middle Ages.

For this reason, our farm and inspiration is called the Cartoixa Domini (Domain Priory), in honor of those religious that beyond promoting the cultivation of the vine, spirituality drenched lands of the Priorat.


Miguel Pérez, pharmacist, oenologist and university professor spoke with passion about his project come true, and started in 1999 with the help of his family in order to produce unique wines.


We try to make authentic products, the fruit of the work of a group capable of never losing heart. We must be able to point out the typicality but also to preserve these 11 hectares of organic farming.

"A great wine is born from the encounter between a unique and unrepeatable element, the Priorat slate, and its cultivation, which in fact is my passion. Only this combination provides the keys to understanding this wonderful universe that I live and I hope to be able to estimate and pass on to my three daughters: Cristina, Julia and María. "

Miguel Pérez ( 1959 -2013)


Merche  Dalmau

"Clos Galena is a project that I started with my husband, Miguel Pérez , who was the founder and passionate about the world of wine, a passion that infected me and which we shared for many years.


I also have a great team that, together with nature and the territory, have made it possible to fulfill Miguel's great dream , of developing one of the   great wines from Priorat. "

Merche Dalmau 



eMAIL: INFO@CLOSGALENA.COM | M.: +34 607 421 822

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“Clos Galena ha sido beneficiaria del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional cuyo objetivo es mejorar la competitividad de las Pymes y gracias al cual ha puesto en marcha un Plan de Marketing Digital Internacional con el objetivo de mejorar su posicionamiento online en mercados exteriores durante el año 2020. Para ello ha contado con el apoyo del Programa XPANDE DIGITAL de la Cámara de Comercio de Reus. Una manera de hacer Europa”  

Clos Galena recomienda el consumo responsable.

La venta de bebidas alcohólicas a menores de 18 años está prohibida.