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The Art&Wine project combines in a single cultural product, the creativity and quality that characterizes the world of art and wine in Catalonia.

In 2010, as a result of the collaboration of Clos Galena Winery and Anquins Art Gallery in Reus, the first collection of wine boxes originally painted by 12 Catalan artists was presented. Wine boxes with painted lids became a cultural product, since in the same object an organic wine of the highest quality from the Priorat designation of origin and an original and unique work of art by Catalan artists was combined renowned.

The painted wine boxes are true works of art. An exclusive and original cultural piece that becomes an object for collectors and that is very adequate as a representative and promotional gift of Catalan culture.

A r t  & Wine

The latest collection, called Art, Wine and Territory, has been presented in various spaces such as the Museum of NY City, the Marriot Hotel in Moscow, the Spanish Embassy in Sweden in Stockholm and the historic Hotel Sant Regis of Shanghai. In these events attended by local authorities and local authorities, sommeliers and prescribers of the world of wine, was presented our territory of the Priorat and the cities of Tarragona and Reus, a powerful place of interest in terms of tourism and culture.

clos galena.jpg
Clos Galena-103.jpg

Dider Lourenço

Reus. Capital of Culture 2017

caixa didier galena.jpg

Didier Lourenço

secrets de casa navàs.jpg

Josep Moscardó

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clos galena.jpg
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