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Article La Vanguardia: 56th Investiture Ceremony of the Serenísmo Capítulo del Vino

Yesterday sunday in La Vanguardia the journalist and sommelier Ramon Francàs Vi-Franc wrote an article about the 56th investiture ceremony of the Serenisimo Capítulo del Vino.

It is a great honour for me as the owner of the Clos Galena winery to have been invested as a Dama by the Serenisimo Capítulo del Vino this weekend.

The 56th investiture ceremony was held at the Vinyes convent winery in the Terra Alta region, with the opening speech by La Vanguardia journalist and writer Víctor-Manuel Amela Bonilla.

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09. 11. 2023

all you have to do is watch your farm grow.

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