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Clos Galena


A dream come true  

Clos Galena is the dream come true of its founder Miguel Pérez, who firmly believed in the ecological potential of the Priorat vineyard and started his project in 1999.


Passionate about the world of wine, he transmitted this great passion to his wife Merche Dalmau. When they both got to know Priorat, they fell in love with the territory, and it was there where they built a sustainable and ecological winery. An innovative bet in the denomination of qualified origin Priorat.

With years of experience behind her, she has been involved in the project since her husband, Miquel Pérez, incubated the idea and illusion of creating a sustainable and ecological winery, an innovative bet at that time.

A vital woman without borders, who constantly seeks the good and the best and who feels satisfied when someone enjoys her wines, because it is what really gives meaning to a family and team effort done with passion.

Miguel Pérez, always had the idea and the DREAM of creating a sustainable and ecological winery.

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Miguel Pérez died in April 2013, and his wife Merche Dalmau is currently the owner and manager, who together with a great team and the winemaker and technical director Toni Coca, have contributed to fulfill the  dream that began in 1999.


The combination association of a unique terroir, a tenacious dream and a team trained and motivated by excellence, has helped to produced exceptional wines that  transmit an entire culture, the land and the landscape of Priorat.

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The philosophy of the winery aimed from its beginning to capture the essence of the territory in the most faithful way possible, with the purpose of producing high quality, unique and special wines that awaken all the senses in a landscape that lives around the spirituality  Priorat.


The only formula to continue producing high-quality wines without damaging future generations, is to take into account all aspects of the wine-making process, soil fertility, water quality, the non-use of pesticides and the erosion of the floor.


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Our singularity resides, in simplicity and essence; commitment and work; nature and landscape; land and culture; art and science. This singularity reveals in each bottle made in our winery. 


Every year the vineyards are controlled with scientific and ecological criteria to produce ripe fruits that are representative of the terroir and the nature of Priorat. A constant effort to preserve its authenticity and typicality.



Respect for the authentic

Viticulture wines are made with respect and sustainability, with a careful production process that seeks authenticity and typicality, in which the treatment in through French and American oak leaves its mark.


We make wines full of emotion and intense sensations capable of reflecting the extraordinary nature of the land from which they come, the Priorat.

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