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What is an emotional support animal letter? - 2022 Guide

Some of the medical professionals or health professionals also suggest their patients who come up with depression, anxiety, or stress issues, to get an ESA. With this suggestion, they also sometimes offer them to get the esa letter for housing so that they can very easily keep their emotional support animal with them at home for their treatment. Cats provide companionship and emotional support to their owners which helps in improving the mental health of the owners. This improvement in mental health involves dealing with stress, depression, anxiety, or other such conditions. Well, some people perceive that cats cannot help in reducing stress or improving the quality of life of their owners. This perception is absolutely wrong as cats help their owners in reducing stress in a number of different ways.

Due to the increasing popularity of dogs as emotional support animals, people do not trust other animals when it comes to keeping an emotional support animal. The reason behind this is that they perceive only dogs as the animals that can offer effective help in relieving daily life stresses and moving towards a quality life. But this is not true as other animals also possess the ability to provide emotional support to people.

It is a common fact that all animals possess unique characteristics that make them different from one another. People who like to keep different animals for emotional support like to keep unique animals such as cats, miniature horses, and rabbits. All these animals have their characteristics and provide emotional support to the owner in different and unique ways.

Cats are considered a common emotional support animal after dogs. Most people like to keep ESA cats because of their affectionate and playful nature. The relaxing actions andmovements of cats make most people choose them among all the animals when they think of keeping an emotional support animal. In addition, the small size of cats favors most of the owners as no considerable space is occupied by them. Emotional support animals are not service animals, rather they are kept by people for specific purposes. These purposes mainly aim to provide their owners support that can give them some emotional relief.

ESA cats help in maintaining blood pressure which ultimately reduces stress. The level of blood pressure is lowered by spending time with the ESA cat and also the overall health is improved. The hidden story behind this is that spending a good time with an ESA cat and thinking positively helps in releasing some hormones in the body of the owner, the reaction of which reduces the blood pressure. Spending good time and thinking positively ultimately provides ease in the level of stress.

ESA cats help in relaxing the mind of the owner. This is the prime reason due to which emotional support animal cats are considered natural stress relievers. The entertaining actions of ESA cats help relax the mind and thus, help in relieving stress.

ESA cats develop a strong relationship with the owner in a very short span of time. This strong relationship makes the owner so used to the ESA cats that they cannot spend their time in their absence. This especially happens when the owner is feeling sad or is unhappy because of some reason. This is the time when they need their ESA cat to be with them because their cat helps them in diverting their attention from the reason that caused them to be unhappy or stressed. Because of this strong relation, most people like to take their ESA cat with them anywhere they go but they make sure that they have the emotional support animal letter with them to avoid any public issues.

A researcher once revealed that before going to the dental procedure if the patient watches a fish, he will find that all his stress about the dental procedure would be relieved. This happens because the movement and different actions of animals provide relief to our mind and reduce all mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress, etc.

ESA cats build a trustworthy relationship with their owners. This is especially essential for those people who are no more able to trust people because of their bad experiences in life. The emotional support provided by ESA cats after the bad experience of owners allows the owners to trust their cats and discuss all their issues with them which ultimately reduces life stress.

These are some of the reasons that show that ESA cats really help in reducing stress. Some people claim that their cats are not helping them reduce stress in stressful situations. The reason behind this is that they believe all cats can do that. But, it should be noted that only emotional support cats can help in reducing stress and not the service cats. A great difference exists between ESA cats and service cats. Service cats are not for the purpose of providing emotional support to the people, while emotional support animal cats are unique and have the ability to offer emotional support to their owners specifically in stressful situations.

However, if your health professional suggested you to keep an emotional support animal cat that helps you in overcoming stress and depression in stressful situations, then you should at first get an ESA letter. This letter is similar to the one that is kept in the case of other emotional support animals. The purpose of this letter is mainly to keep proof that you have kept this particular animal for the purpose of emotional support.

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